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In the spirit of reCLAMATION…

Greetings, friends!

After many years of offering herbal products and programs, in 2018, we expanded our digital presence as well as our herbalism school. We created The People’s Medicine School to include more students in our unique program which features an online component coupled with hands-on immersion classes. We also greatly expanded our consultation services to include packages, and both virtual and in-person consults. We explicitly center BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) as well as queer and trans folks of color in our curriculum, classes, and community work.

It is resonating, and we are so grateful.

In 2019, we are growing our curriculum further to include a week-long immersion program, as well as, our original monthly immersion program. Both programs accompany our core online coursework which spans May-October each year. The week-long program is sold out with a long waitlist, and the monthly program is already almost at capacity.

Here’s the reality

My focus has always been on accessibility, affordability and centering folks burdened with daily and systemic oppression. Oppression that not only makes and keeps folks sick and poor, but also removes them from their own medicine.

Because of that, my teachings resonate with those who have few financial resources and who are dealing with various health issues.

2/3 of the folks who gravitate toward our programs request work-trade and/or scholarships because they lack financial security.

As a Black & SWANA, single mother with chronic health issues, living well below the poverty line, these folks are my community and the community I will always center working with. Those whose health has been degraded by oppression and lack of equitable medical care, need to have their healing prioritized.

Making Rootwork Herbals profitable and accessible is difficult, but we’re here for the journey. Every year, we come closer to our primary goal of making this good, important work a sustainable business, and in 2019, we're creating a new model for support.


While we have relationships with nonprofits and have worked with many throughout the years, we don’t have the bandwidth or desire to run the business as a 501c3. We want to be accountable to those we serve, to our community and do not want to be dependent on grants.

Our extended family and community members have been unbelievably supportive of our work, and we would like to extend the opportunity for more folks to participate in an alternative model of giving.

Whether you’ve ever taken a class from me or just appreciate herbal medicine; if you want to leverage your privilege to show solidarity with marginalized people who have historically been excluded from resources…it is our hope that this contribution opportunity can help you feel good about where your money is going, while collectively making a real impact on people’s lives.


I invite you to join a movement of individual community members who are giving what they can on a monthly basis to support initiatives like the People’s Medicine School; which provides BIPOC a safe, experiential education in working with common plants to help heal themselves and their communities.

Anything you can give will go directly towards the People’s Medicine Reclamation Project, our scholarship fund for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to access the offerings of Rootwork Herbals including herbal medicine, individual consultations, and educational opportunities such as the People’s Medicine School. Funds collected above what is needed for scholarship will go towards the creation of a BIPOC land trust that will house the People’s Medicine School, learning gardens, teaching apothecary and a safe space for healing.

What you get

  • The feeling of connectedness, as a community member, in allowing a portion of your resources to flow towards those whose access to resources has been systemically blocked.

  • Being a part of returning herbal resources back into the hands of individuals and communities who have historically been disenfranchised from land ownership, endured generations of enslavement, forced removal from ancestral lands, and survival-based migrations; all of which, disconnected many folks from land and land based healing.

  • Being an ally in the reclamation and recognition of the powerful and profound herbal healing practices that have endure, against all odds, within BIPOC individuals and communities, by uplifting BIPOC herbalists and by helping to dismantle the white supremacy inherent in western herbalism.

  • Joining a community-based movement towards repairing the perpetual health damage that white supremacy and colonization has on BIPOC.

  • In short, the opportunity to support a small form of reparations.

  • AND! A monthly newsletter with some seasonal medicine offerings as well as updates on the beautiful work going on at Rootwork Herbals and the People’s Medicine School.

MONTHLY Contributors

Join the community of monthly subscription contributors. Click the image below that corresponds with your desired monthly contribution amount, and have those funds automatically withdrawn from your account on a monthly basis.

*You can unsubscribe at any time


DIY Contributions

Able to contribute a different number, or do not want to sign up for a monthly contribution subscription? Make a one time contribution below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

No, only donations to qualified charities are tax-deductible. The People’s Medicine Project is NOT a charity, it is not a hand-out, it is a form of repairing historic and current wrongs which result in BIPOC not having equal access to resources. We are proudly not tax-deductible.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Each month, you’ll receive an emailed receipt for your contribution. At the end of this email is a link to easily cancel your subscription at any time.

Do donors receive any kind of recognition?

Sure, being a silent donor is honorable. And we want to create a movement. If you feel called to share the good news about your contribution and want to tell your friends, family and community about it, please share the message widely, and as much as you’re comfortable with.

We may, at times, give a shout out to our contributors, if you would like to remain anonymous, that is great, just please let us know.

How do I share this with others?

Feel free to forward this link:, or the email we’ll send you when you sign up, or any of our monthly emails, or any of our Facebook or Instagram posts with your community.

We also encourage you to share this page with various listserves, organizations, businesses, or foundations of your choice. We are so grateful for your support!

Where does my money go?

Your money will go directly towards subsidizing the cost of herbal education, herbal health consultations, and herbal medicines for BIPOC folks who wish to access these opportunities through Rootwork Herbals, but do not have the financial means to do so. Each year the demand for scholarships and work-trade far outnumber the amount we can supply and sadly, we are forced to turn folks away. We want to welcome as many BIPOC into our programs as possible, regardless of their financial situation.

If contributions are collected over the amount of scholarships needed, we will put the funds towards the creation of a BIPOC land trust. We will always let you know where your contributions are going.

How can I be sure that my money is spent on the right things?

Each month, we’ll send you a little update of what’s going on at Rootwork Herbals. Annually, we will update you on how much money we raised in the previous year, and adjust our offerings for the coming year, depending on needs. All of this information is 100% transparent with our community.

Still have questions? Submit them below!

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