Lovingly handcrafted community herbalism in Upstate NY that is accessible and uncomplicated; utilizes common plants for health and wholeness; honors the earth, the plants and the people.
— Amanda David, Founder

UPSTATE NY Herbalism School

Hybrid certificate course blends hands-on  experiential learning with online modules. Additional class offerings in bio-regional medicine making, plant energetics, people's medicine, and more. 


Holistic, in-depth, personalized plant medicine consultations with 20-year practicing herbalist and founder of Rootwork Herbals, Amanda David. 


Devotedly grown and wildcrafted local herbs, lovingly harvested seasonally and at the peak of their potency.  All of our medicines are made by our hands in small batches with every detail accounted for.

a down-to-earth approach to herbal medicine

Amanda has taught over 800 students in her inclusive, accessible, balanced and joyful approach to herbal medicine. The People's Medicine School offers an intensive, dynamic 6-month program offering students the chance to learn herbal medicine from a holistic framework while earning certificate in Community Herbalism.

Herbal Medicine Classes

Herbal Medicine Classes


People's Medicine School

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Herbal Apprenticeship

I have really come to think of my relationship with plants as more of mutual allies; my friends. it feels more reciprocal—I nurture them and they nurture me and we work together to heal each other and the land.
— People's Medicine School Graduate

Herbal Health Consultations with Amanda David

Discover your plant allies, access lovingly hand-harvested high-quality medicine, and deepen your ability to heal with nature. Amanda David is renowned herbalist, medicine maker, doula and mother of 3 who has been practicing herbal medicine for over 20 years.

Individual Herbal Health Consultation Package

Individual Consult Package

pregnancy postpartum herbal health consultation package

Pregnancy Consult Package


Child Health Consult Package

I’m SO happy I came to you instead of “fixing” my issue by introducing artificial hormones into my body. I’ve been telling everyone how amazing you are! If there’s a place to write a testimonial I’d LOVE to do that.
— Client, Ithaca NY


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I LOVED my study group, and highly recommend herbal coursework with Rootwork Herbals. Amanda is a wealth of knowledge and a ray of sunshine. Thank you, Amanda!
— Herbs Talk! Class participant

Rootwork Herbals Founder, Amanda David, on the People's Medicine Project.