In the spirit of regeneration…

In 2018, we grew Herb Work, a 6-month herbal immersion, to become the People’s Medicine School. By expanding our capacity, adding in an online study component, offering a certification, raising the price, and explicitly centering queer, trans folks of color, we created an offering that’s resonating with our audience.

In 2019, we’re growing again to include a week-long immersion for those who could not do the 6-month program. The week-long is sold out, and the 6-month is already at half-capacity.

Here’s the reality:

My focus has always been on accessibility, affordability and centering folks burdened with daily and systemic oppression.

Because of that, my school/teachings generally resonate more with folks with little income.

So, 2/3 of the folks who gravitate toward our programs request work/trade because of lack of financial security.

And these are the folks I want to continue to work with.

At the same time, I need to be financially sustainable. I have the best in the business working alongside me to make Rootwork Herbals profitable (and therefore sustainable), and we’re making strides every year. But balancing these needs with the reality of working with communities who have systemically been excluded from resources and burdened with debt is some difficult math to do.

So, I’m asking my community for help.

Whether you’ve ever taken a class from me or just enjoy herbal medicine, or maybe you want to give back, or do something specifically to help marginalized people who have historically been excluded from resources.

Whatever your motivation, I invite you join a movement of small, community-based donors who are giving what they can at small levels on a monthly basis, and helping programs like the People’s Medicine School help some of the most marginalized people in our country heal themselves, heal with others, and heal the planet.

What you get:

The feeling of connectedness, as a community member, in allowing a small portion of your excess resources to flow towards someone in need.

A monthly update of all the beautiful work going on at Rootwork Herbals and the People’s Medicine School.

Being a part of the energetic flow of resources back into the hands, hearts, and minds of communities who have historically been disenfranchised from land ownership, endured generations of enslavement, forced removal from ancestral lands, and survival-based migrations; all of which, disconnecting folks from land along with the whitewashed interpretation of herbal medicine which has dominated public thought and access…